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     For many, the gym is a haven where we go to clear our minds and test our limits. It's the willingness to improve and renovate ourselves in hopes of becoming the strongest version we can be. However, it doesn't come easy and takes a mix of patience and hustle over time to yield the strength you desire. Every pound on the bar is earned, and every callous thickened due to consistent effort time and time again. 


     There are no shortcuts in getting stronger, so why take a shortcut with your chalk? It's no secret that liquid chalk, quite frankly, doesn't compare to a solid piece of chalk! In the gym, there is no substitute for a block of chalk to etch into your palm, ready to grip the bar and give it hell. Yet, every block of chalk at the chalk bowl is usually crumbled. Even when taking your own block to the gym it always ends up crumbled. Leaving you with a messy gym bag and usually an unhappy gym manager. 

     This was the problem I had every time I stepped into a commercial gym. Secretly hiding my Tupperware of chalk and gingerly applying it to my hand. It was impractical and didn't stop me from getting kicked out of gyms. So rather than settling for liquid chalk, I set out to create my own, combining great gym chalk with the convenience of a hideaway container. keeping your chalk safe and at the ready to crush your next personal record. 

     GRIP STICK was born out of a need to solve a problem and to provide you with the best gym experience without compromise! 

Noah Rollins

Founder of GRIP STICK

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